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Web Design

Having a great website is an important step for any company. Your website is the first opportunity you have to make a great impression. VaccaPhotography specializes in making websites that make great first impressions.


Content is king. You can have the best looking, most efficient website, but if your content is lacking your message will not reach your customers. Your words must make an impact. At VaccaPhotography we make sure your website's content will be compelling and impactful.


Great photographs will set your website apart. Adding stunning pictures to your site conveys to your customers that details matter. With VaccaPhotography you can be sure your photos will have the impact needed to move your customers.

Our Services

VaccaPhotography offers a broad array of services to you reach your customers. Here are a few of the essential services we provide.

Web Design

We have extensive knowledge of web design, with over fifteen years experience, and keep abreast of web trends. We employ the latest technologies such as Net Framework and content management systems like Drupal, RedDot, and WordPress, and backend systems such as C#, SQL Server, PHP, JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. ​

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SEO Analysis

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to increase search engine results pages (SERPs) on popular search engines such as Google and Bing. Taking steps to optimize your site will improve your SEO ranking which will increase the visibility of your website. Optimizing SEO rankings also makes your website more accessible and more enjoyable to navigate.

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Mobile responsive

Many first-time visitors to your website will be from cellphones or other mobile devices. Your site needs to detect mobile devices and provide a responsive user experience. Photos, paragraphs, and lists require formatting with consideration given to different and often smaller screens. Responsiveness ranking is as important as SEO scores and needs equal attention.  

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Website Photography

There are many types of photography available for websites. Photos that engage your customers will enhance the user experience. Sites with great photographs will keep your user engaged longer increasing the impact of your message. And like Responsive design increases your website’s SEO ranking.

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Google Analytics

Correctly used and diagnosed query results from Google Analytics enables developers to determine what content is being consumed by your customers. Only viewed content can benefit your customers. Analyzing browsing patterns provides insight into ways that you can improve your message. Tracking document and video downloads provide valuable data.

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Website Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your website is critical to providing a safe browser experience for your customers. Outdated software can allow spam, malware, and other viruses to infiltrate your site. Stale content can leave your customer’s disillusioned and will lead to them seeking other sources. Routine maintenance alleviates these concerns.

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Backend 90%

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